Our Bathroom Design & Installation Process

At Gary James Renovations, we understand that transforming your bathroom is a significant decision. We're here to guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Here's a general overview of how we work:

Initial Contact:

  • You reach out to us via phone, email or our website.
  • We promptly respond and schedule an initial conversation.

Free Site Survey and Consultation:

  • We arrange a convenient time for a free on-site survey and consultation.
  • Our bathroom experts visit your home to assess your existing bathroom and discuss your requirements, preferences and budget.
  • During the consultation, we provide you with initial design ideas and solutions.
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Quote & Proposal Bathroom Installation Guildford

Quote and Proposal:

  • Based on the site survey and your preferences, we prepare a detailed quote and proposal.
  • The proposal includes a breakdown of costs, timeline and a preliminary design concept. You can choose a bespoke bathroom or one of our bathroom renovation packages.
  • We present it to you for your review and discussion.

Compliance and Approvals:

  • If required, we obtain necessary permits and approvals from local authorities.
  • This step ensures compliance with building codes and regulations.

Scheduling and Timeline:

  • Our project manager outlines a detailed project timeline, specifying when work will begin and the estimated completion date.
  • We keep you informed about the schedule and any potential disruptions.

Old Bathroom Removal and Preparation:

  • We start by demolishing the existing bathroom and making any necessary structural modifications.
  • Plumbing and electrical systems are checked and updated if needed.
  • We prep the space for the new installation.
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Bathroom Contactors Guildford


  • Our skilled craftsmen begin the installation of new fixtures, cabinets, tiles and other elements.
  • We have quality control measures in place to ensure precise workmanship.
  • Regular updates and communication with you keep you informed of progress.

Final Inspections and Testing:

  • Before completion, we conduct thorough inspections and testing of all systems and components.
  • Any issues or imperfections are addressed promptly.

Finishing Touches:

  • We apply the finishing touches, such as painting, grouting and caulking.
  • Fixtures and accessories are installed, including mirrors, towel rails and lighting.

Cleanup and Site Restoration:

  • We thoroughly clean the construction area and remove debris.
  • Your home is left in a clean and liveable condition.
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Bespoke Bathroom Installations Guildford

Final Walkthrough and Sign-Off:

  • You conduct a final walkthrough with us to ensure your satisfaction.
  • We address any remaining questions or concerns.
  • Once you're satisfied, we sign off on the project as complete and provide you any required certification that proves the work complies with Building Regulations.

Warranty and Maintenance Information:

  • We provide you with warranty information and instructions for the maintenance and care of your new bathroom.

Customer Feedback and Reviews:

  • We may request feedback from you and encourage you to leave reviews.
  • Your feedback helps us improve our services and provides valuable testimonials for future clients.

Follow-Up and Support:

  • We remain available for any post-installation questions or concerns.
  • Our ongoing customer support reinforces our commitment to your satisfaction.
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Why choose Gary James Renovations for your new bathrooms in Guildford?

The majority of our bathroom design and installations are the result of personal referrals from our satisfied clients, a testament to the exceptional service and craftsmanship we provide.

With public liability insurance, competitive pricing and our guarantees, we maintain our position as the preferred bathroom fitters in Guildford.

You can place your trust in our expertise and professionalism when seeking top-tier bathroom refurbishment solutions.

  • Creative and expert design
  • All work guaranteed
  • Full installation and refurbishment services
  • Free surveys and consultations
  • Qualified and skilled craftsmen and fitters
  • Highly recommended
  • Quality products and fittings
  • Competitive local pricing

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